Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Where'd She Go?

Public Service Announcement:
Kindly come over to Stubblejumpers Café and follow my fascinating life. Hee! No. Just more "letters out." 

This site is my link directory now and my former blog archives. 

Don't go thinkin' I read all the blogs below all the time; hell no. When a title in a list is updated, its link rises to the top and that's when I go see what's new. Unfortunately some of the blogs below don't have their RSS feed (or something like that) enabled, and they may update but stay at the bottom of my list. Like Collecting Happy, for instance -- that's my sister Joan's blog -- and she's updated it numerous times since the entry whose first line you see there, but the link to her blog remains at the bottom, appearing out of date when really it isn't.