Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who Calls?

My hair appointment is at 10:30, and since I like to have at least two hours in the morning before having to go anywhere, I set the bedside alarm to come on at 8. The alarm, that is, not the radio, because I will just listen to the radio and doze off again, whereas the alarm beeping will annoy me enough to sit up and turn it off.

As I set the alarm, I think to myself, “I would like to wake up on my own, shortly before the alarm goes, so I won’t be jarred out of sleep by it.”

And donchaknow, at about 10 to eight I’m awakened by a male voice calling, “Kathy!”

It is an unfamiliar voice, but real enough that I put on my housecoat and go to the door, then through it, to see if anyone is there.

All I find are the busy birds, and the old dog, Jenna, who stirs from her rest when she hears my footstep in the porch.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rhubarb Slushies

And oh what a fine afternoon it was, out on Karen's deck.
Neither too hot, nor too cold. 
Just right.

I handed the camera to Joan's daughter Jordan, so for a change I'm in front of the camera. 

Reta, I'm wearing a pair of those sunglasses Carl sent. Karen gets the same migraine things, so she might as well see if these help any. There were two pairs in the box so I'll give her one.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Drinkin' on Decks

Morning coffee
And I'm off to spend the day with both my sisters. Joan is out, from Kelowna. No doubt more coffee will be drank! It's rare to get to be with both my little girlies at the same time. The only thing better would be if Mom was there too.

It's a perfect summer day, and Karen lives on the shore of Margo Lake.

More drinkin' on decks, comin' up.

And in Joan's honour and with thanks to her for sharing it, today's recipe at Stubblejumpers Kitchen Collection is Spinach Salad.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hangin' Out with Shelly

Shelly, one of my Katimavik roomies, on her backyard deck
Oh sure, it looks like all we did was sit around and gab, and drink. And we did do a lot of gabbing. And some drinking, but not overly so. And while we were at Shelly's we also went for numerous walks around Ho Hum Crescent, where she is building her plantation.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three KCathys Agree

Douglas Catsanova is adored by all.

Cathy R settles into Cathy B's guest room in the basement.

Are these slippers for me? Cathy B thinks of everything. I set my stuff in the other guest room, and leave the slippers be.
Three CKathys Agree: My arms are too short to take selfies.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Aunt Beulah

Beulah Egge Johnson
My great-aunt Beulah is in her nineties and as far as I know has never said an unkind word in her life.
Her daughter Ardyce posted this photo and description to FB:

"Mom had a good day, spent the afternoon relaxing in our backyard, then supper & to really put the icing on the cake... a ride in OJ's Ranchero."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chez nous, woo hoo!

After lugging bags into the house and watering flowers in pots and the perennial beds, I sat down on the back step for a glass of chilled white wine.

As much as I loved spending time with my dear friends, it is a pleasure to come home and be greeted by colour, scent and beauty.

Not that my friends aren't colourful, beautiful and sweet-scented.

I dropped Emil off in town and met Scott going in as I was coming out. He was picking up parts for a haying machine and hadn't been able to reach me by cellphone when I was still in town. Naturally. I'd run into a store to buy a new comforter for Emil, and left the phone in the car. Apparently I need one built into my ear if I hope to catch all calls.

Dropped and smashed the front of my "toughest smartphone ever" on Saturday morning on the pavement of Cathy's driveway before we left Saskatoon. The battery is no good anyway and getting a replacement has been a hassle so far. Time for a new toy? Rzzzl Frrzzzl Grrrrr. I don't like expensive shit that doesn't last two years.

I have ordered takeout pizza and Greek ribs from a restaurant in town and am looking forward to Scott getting home with it.

Guess I should clean off this table:

Monday, July 21, 2014

We are at Shelly's

Last time I was at Shelly's, it was two years ago. Two years already!

Here's an entry from a time I visited her in 2009: click here.