Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Bales*

Another cross-country walk in windy perfect scented fall air.
You can't really ask for more than that on your days off.

That was yesterday.
This morning I went out onto the step just long enough to turn around once or twice in the sun. I had a powerful urge to sit down and drink coffee out there. Alas the coffee was gone by then and I wasn’t about to make more. Maybe Karen and I will sit outside later. Maybe she will go for a walk with me.

*Well what would you title this entry?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Geese and Eagle

Saw a pair of bald eagles on the way to Nut Mountain early this afternoon but they flew up and landed a further distance away when I stopped the car. But we were still quite excited, Pat and I.

On the way back, we saw these:

Usually I only see flocks of geese in a field. Click on image; for some reason this small one is fuzzy.

And this, overlooking the geese:

Click photo to enlarge.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The back 40

The back 40 is an ankle-twister so it's less often a walking destination of choice. For that reason there's still a bit of a mystery back there and I'm nervous, like a deer. Not when out in the open, as in the photos below, but when I enter the trees and approach the slough. Thank goodness there's no need to be concerned about alligators or man-eating snakes.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Let's see if I can squeeze in an entry before the midnight hour.
I really should be going to bed— I'm in my pyjamas— but I left the house at 8 this morning and just got back an hour ago, at 9:30pm, and who wants to go straight to bed? Not me. Though I should, because I was awake till 4 in the morning. What're ya gonna do.  Maybe two 12-hour nights'll do that to ya. Dammit. I went all day without remembering I should be tired. Till I arrived at Everett's to get Little Green (car) and then got grouchy. That's when I knew I needed a nap.
Scott's just gone to bed, so he's no company, and I'm beat so I'm to follow shortly.
Just not quite yet.

I haven't finished my glass of wine.

You can see our house behind the trees on the right. Click image to enlarge.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Piggy in Sweater

Just call me Sleepyhead.
Another 12-hour night in bed.
What can I say?
Thank goodness for CBC Radio, from which I learn so much about so many things. I go to bed early just so I can listen to it in comfort, in the dark.

Image from Facebook
Last year at this time I had just been for a pancake breakfast at the hall in Wadena with my new "boss." It was my first day on the job at Wadena News. Wow, the year has zipped past.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to get dressed and actually go to the office, now?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I went to bed well before nine last night, and slept through till eight this morning.
Well, almost. I listened to parts of programs on the radio from time to time: Ideas at 9, Vinyl Cafe at 11 ... but mostly I was snoozin.
Think I'll do the same tonight.

Finally picked up the hammer and nail and got the sign up.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Texting with Dad

I texted Dad, who’s out in Kelowna where, till next month, it’s an hour earlier:

8:33a.m.  No bad news from Wadena today. So far!

His reply: Pretty early ----- Wet the bed?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas in October

When Emil and I arrived at Everett's place on Saturday, their dad wasn't there. He'd gone to the liquor store to buy Palm Bay coolers as a treat for us both.

It was like Christmas in the kitchen. Everett was at the sink, washing his dishes, when I came through the door. He pulled his hands out of the water and dried them so he could show me everything Gord had brought. 

There were root beer Twizzlers. There were grape-flavoured Twizzlers. There was a tabasco chocolate bar. There was candy on a stick for Emil. There were sausage sticks. The list goes on. The fridge was full to bursting. There was a pile of food on the counter. The cupboard had a new lining of Kraft Dinner boxes.

But the big favourite was the tardis cookie jar (à la Doctor Who) that, when you lift the lid, plays the tardis time-travel music. 

An even bigger surprise was that inside it were cookies that appear to have been made using Everett's sacred (not "secret") recipe! So finally they are available to the public. I didn't believe it at first—sure he'd made them—but Everett made a point of showing me the disposable packaging they came in. 

Had I gone to town yesterday to wash Little Green (sunny day, perfect for getting the inch of dry mud off your car before winter), I'd've stopped over there and got a picture of the cookie jar. But the day flew by, as they do, and I went nowhere except for a walk. 

There was machinery running in the field along the road to the south, and to the north. I don't like the noise so I headed straight across the road into the old homestead quarter. 

This coyote didn't hear me or my dogs because of the loud tractor across the road, and was intent on hunting for rodents around the bales. When I had done watching it, I started walking. Then it lifted its head, eyed me for a minute, and all too soon turned and ran away.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pots of Gold

When I awake and my neck is complaining, what I feel like doing is going back to sleep, to escape it. What I have finally learned is that doing so only increases the discomfort by the time I do get out of bed. So usually I get up (and that's hard to do; I love my sleep, and I want to escape that neck pain so badly!), and the discomfort goes away on its own after a while. Not always. But sometimes.

Yesterday morning, after a fitful sleep due to the neck thing starting the night before, I just took a pill and slept till noon. Scott had left early and I was alone in the house, or felt like I was, until about a half-hour after rising. That's when I heard a noise a lot louder than what the little Mr DoodleDog could make. I was perplexed—until I saw Emil coming out of the spare bedroom. I had forgotten he was here. He'd come home with me from town the night before and he'd slept in, too.

Once in a while the trusty pills THANK GOD FOR THEM don't do the job. Yesterday I had to take a second one at noon, then lounge in the living room watching movies in hopes of taking my mind off my neck. After a couple more hours I was good to go, and was just out of the tub when my former husband phoned.

"I'm here in Wadena. Should I come and get Emil?"
"Nah," said I, thinking Gord had already driven the eight hours from Edmonton and I'd save him an extra 20 minutes behind the wheel. "He's outside walking around already. I'll bring him into town."

It was a beautiful day and I'd already wasted most of it indoors.

The gate has been left open after the cattle at GGFarm were moved to the home quarter for the winter.

The boys have got their straw bales ready to be picked up and hauled to the yard.

Scott told me he'd been driving down the road when a great blue heron flew up and flapped along, well within easy view of the truck for quite a while instead of disappearing into the distance like they usually do. He was pleased, he said, until he saw a giant blob of shit shooting out its ass ("as big as a cow pie!") and then stretching out and hanging in the air, attached to the bird like rope, as the shy bird pulled it across the sky.

I couldn't help thinking, after that, that someone should make a horror movie about the amount of shit birds terrorize us with.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tough little nuggets

Brave little things were still trying to bloom, and some were succeeding.
We had a hard freeze, so the garden is looking pretty dull today.
But just a few days ago ...

Feverfew; migraine medicine

Rose bush, one of several planted in memory of Mom

Speedwells and poppies

Straw flower

Painted daisy
The combine lights are sparking up the fields tonight.