Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zippity Doo Dah

It does seem a tad early to be wearing long underwear and cranking the furnace up, doesn't it? We were promised warm weather by the weekend, but it sure doesn't feel like it today. Oh well. As certain members of my family say about some of the most tragic events, "We have to take what comes."

Besides, I'm happy for an excuse to wear brightly coloured leggings under my jeans. That wind is frickin' freezin'.

Lifted from FB

Check out Alisa Burke's blog today. Her family visited an aquarium with underwater tunnels.

I'm off to work.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Now can he drive 55?

I got nutthin! Just a cheery Good Morning.
Maybe I'll see you back here tonight!

I did come home at suppertime yesterday and make a cake for Scott, as it was his 55th birthday.
See recipe at Stubblejumpers Cafe.
I think he appreciated it.  He had two pieces, anyway.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

To Dennis from Emil

Once upon a time, Emil told singer/songwriter Dennis Lakusta — or maybe Dennis told Emil — that he should write a song called Emil Goes to Camp Easter Seal. 

This may have been said lightheartedly but Emil takes everything literally and has never forgotten, and so every once in a while he reminds Dennis, who now lives in Nanaimo.

"I'll tell you what, Emil," Dennis replied, "Next time you go to Camp Easter Seal, send me a list of all the things you did there. Then I've got a place to start."

So this summer when Emil returned from camp, he sat down here at the computer for an hour and composed this list. I was only called upon once or twice to help with spelling a particular word; otherwise, my proofreading suggestions were firmly ignored:

Hi Dennis How are you doing ?
I had a good time at camp easter seal this year.
On saturday at camp easter seal this year I got to watch a talent show.
This year at camp easter seal I got to pet the  horse 2 times.
On the last day before I went home from camp easter seal this year I danced with lots of people.
On sunday at camp easter seal this year I  got to make cookies.
On the first day I got to camp easter seal this year I got to go out for supper at a restaurant called  the spa.
Do you ride horses?
On saturday at camp easter seal this year I got to watch cowboy movies.
Do you have a new car  yet?
On sunday at camp easter seal this year I had supper up at russ sticks.
A t camp easter seal this year when we had supper up at russ sticks we had pizza bush pies for supper,
On monday at camp easter seal this year I got to go swimming one time.
What songs do you like to sing the most?
On saturday at camp easter this year I got to watch the ruff rider game on tv.
At camp easter seal this year I watched a movie in the tv room.
If you write that new song called Emil goes to camp easter seal I would love to hear it.
On the last day before I went home from camp easter seal this year I had a final banquet and dance.
After the final banquet and dance was over then I had an after  party.
I would like to see you again sometime .At camp easter seal this year I had sports.  At camp easter seal this year I got 2 have ice cream 2 times.
In sports at camp easter seal this year I played catch.
At camp easter seal this year I got to go for a ride on a boat called a pon toon boat.
At camp easter seal this year I was in cabin 16.
At camp easter seal this year my camp counsellors said to me Emil I like you you are fun to hang out with.
Camp easter seal is a very nice place.
How often do you sing the car alarm song ?
What is year favourite food?
How often do you go out and play at concerts?
At camp easter seal we have 2 really nice stone buildings.
One time we watched a music video of you on scotts lap top.
On the first day I got to camp easter seal this year we had a camp fire before bed.
On monday moring at camp easter seal this year  we had french toast for breakfast.
                   from Emil

Poor Dennis, he's been sick in bed since last month and just wrote to explain and ask me to tell Emil to be patient. I bet you've never had such a demanding "biggest fan" before, have you, Dennis?

In other news, there is a birthday boy in the house. Well, not in the house. He's out working, and I'm heading off, myself, but leaving this on the table:

The envelope contains a booklet all about the year he was born, 1959; and a backscratcher. What more could a man ask?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Panic Attacks

Another weekend has come and gone. Man, the time goes fast, doesn't it? I guess tidying and cleaning up the house and getting on top of the dishes are just So Much Fun that time flies! At any rate I like having a couple days at home to put things back in order without rushing.

That's really all I had the energy for. I'm still coughing and even had the beginnings of a panic attack one afternoon when my chest felt heavy and constricted so that I couldn't breathe deeply or quite normally. In the moment, I did recognize it was "only" a panic attack (there was a time when I had quite a few during a short period, many years ago) and that there is only one way to cope with them and that is to "breathe through it." But at the same time, I was thinking, "Maybe this is the beginning of a heart attack. I am not ready to die. My affairs are not in order!" That's why they're called panic attacks, I guess; because you are afraid you might actually be dying.

They are scary, even when you know better.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

No Go

It seems sensible to stay home, keep warm, and not spread this dastardly cold one inch further than I already have by going to work for the past four days.

I hated to do it. I'm the first one to preach that when you're sick you should stay home, for the sake of other people if not for your own healing, and to hell with everything but resting. Your health is more important than any of it.

But I understand why people go to work when they're sick. It's not so much that they need the money — at least in my case right now, it isn't — but that they're very likely part of a team and they don't want to let others down. They want to get the job done, dammit! Then they will rest.

Last night I arrived home feeling not too bad, considering the state of me in the morning. Oh sure I had some ugly coughing fits during the day, but could think straight, at least. I actually felt well enough when walking in here about 7 o'clock to tackle the dishes that were overflowing on the counter. And then I stayed up till midnight, and was still wide awake at 3:30 a.m. after lying abed for hours in the dark! Weird. Maybe too many hours of sleep the night before?

I will never understand the reasons this body does what it does. I'm just thankful it only gets migraines, cold sores, the occasional bizarre uncalled-for (as far as I'm concerned) back injury and the rare head/chest cold. Many would be glad to trade places with me if that was all they had to live with. So I count myself fortunate — at least, on the many good days. And most of them are.

So today, I rest.
There are still some dishes to do, and I've run hot water into the sink with some soap and am letting them soak. And if I get around to them, good. I like a clean kitchen. But if not, C'est la vie. They'll be there tomorrow, as the saying goes.

The  pretty blouse Joan brought, which looks silly on me because of its peculiar style, with little foldy fluffy pleats on the sides. I am probably too short for it. Next! Cara, you give it a try.  Though you're shorter yet. It's gonna look great on somebody. Maybe on someone tall? In which case, no one in our family.
Also, Cara, the packages of jujubes and lifesavers I've been carrying in my purse for your kids are probably a year old now. That is just sad.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh My Aches and Pains Boo Hoo

Super shitty day and night yesterday, coughing and choking and blowing nose; then a migraine came on. When I dragged myself home after work it was to take a pill and go straight to bed and stay there all night except for a short time up to eat a scrambled egg Scott made for me. Thank goodness I no longer have kids to look after, as I can barely take care of myself. 
Woke up in the middle of the night soaking wet, had to get up and change my shirt. Must've had a fever. Better this morning but neck still bothering and voice still very deep.
At least I had no problem sleeping, which as far as I am concerned is the best escape from discomfort that there is.
I'd crawl back into bed this morning, too, if I could, in spite of having been up long enough to have a bath and make a pot of coffee. But all hands are needed at the newspaper as it's production day and there is a press deadline to meet. I'll look forward to a date with my pillow later.

Someone posted this on FB and I have sent it to many of my ambitious and crafty friends for inspiration:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Down But Not Out

Feeling too shitty this morning to do anything but go back to bed. Got no voice (to speak of)(ha ha).
But off I go to the office anyway, taking a page out of Scott's book: if you're not dead, keep working.
I almost made it an entire year without a cold, though. Or maybe I actually did. All I know is that I hadn't had one since starting at the news office last year after Thanksgiving. Maybe the last cold was well before that. Anyway I was pretty pleased when all around me were coughing and sniffling and I wasn't catching anything from them. Thought maybe I'd finally found the best preventive: wash those hands, wash those hands, wash those hands.

Off I go, in the spirit of Marg Delahunty, warrior princess:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to Cameroni Bumboni

It didn't freeze last night. Yay! I've got some serious snipping to do in the flowerbeds after work. Meanwhile they are all blooming brightly and beautifully. It will be a shame to see them frozen black. I'll bring in as many as I can find vases for.

Today is my little brother's birthday. I was six when he was born and apparently when he was brought home from the hospital, remarked that I'd rather have a puppy. That is really the only thing I remember being told about my reaction. Other things I've been told are that as a child in our little hometown, Cameron used to go around wearing a pink pillbox hat. And once when he was quite small he told Mom, who was working in the kitchen, "I feel mean." He was just tired, she said, and needed a nap.

So here's to you, Cameron ... may you eat pizza and beer with friends tonight!
And when I get home, I'll have a drink in your honour.

Maybe I'll even pick up a pizza at the deli counter ... if I can just remember what day it is, and that the store closes at 6 tonight.

Did you hear on CBC radio last night that they think they've finally identified Jack the Ripper, using mitochondrial DNA? They've matched his "leavings" with a relative or descendant and believe he was a schizophrenic Polish immigrant who ended up in an asylum.

This is not the first time it's been thought that Jack the Ripper was named; but it's the first time there's been DNA evidence, if I'm not mistaken.

A book has just come out. It's called Naming Jack the Ripper.
Here's more: CLICK HERE.
Don't you love it when a murder mystery is solved?
I'm still waiting for the police to catch the prick who murdered the young nurse in Saskatoon in 1962. I was three years old at the time and Mom said she used to send me to the grocery store by myself before that happened. Imagine that, in a city the size of Saskatoon? It wouldn't happen often nowadays, would it. And after that murder, Mom didn't do it again either.
See Sharon Butala's book The Girl in Saskatoon.
Butala, a Saskatchewan author, has also written my absolute favourite book: The Perfection of the Morning. Click on the book titles for links to more information.

And have a jimdikkitydandy day! I have to get my ass out the door.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Brrzy Wrrzy WooWoo

Holy moly bumboli.
Not only did I wear leggings under my jeans today, but the second time I left the office in the afternoon it was with jacket and gloves on and wishing for a tuque.
I'm regretting not getting home before dark so there would have been time to cut a nice big bunch of purple coneflowers before they freeze on the stalk. Oh well, c'est la vie, ma fille!
No regrets, really. It was cold when I got here. I scurried into the house like a little rat.