Thornton W Burgess

Thornton Burgess named this farm, but the Remembering Times history book is the only place I've found a record of him owning property in Saskatchewan.

The excerpt shown above is one of three in the two-volume history book. The others are also write-ups by and/or about other families that have occupied the farm, and they had similar things to say about its history.

According to the people we bought the place from, Mr Burgess used to come out in the summertime.

Along with its balconies and verandas, a notably large three-storeyed farmhouse is long gone, replaced by a cookie-cutter '70s bungalow and a dip in the front lawn where the old foundation once stood.

Go read a story Thornton W Burgess wrote.
I loved them, and so will the children in your life, and probably you too.

Old Mother West Wind:

About Thornton W Burgess, CLICK HERE.

And here is someone who knows A LOT ABOUT THORNTON BURGESS. I wonder if she knows whether he wrote any of his stories while he was here at Golden Grain Farm. It certainly does sound like the kind of name he would have given to a place.

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