Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Old Lady from Past Wadena

Go Granny, go Granny, go Granny, go!

Just showing you the deep white crescent under my chin where the sun don't shine. I end up with a pale white patch there, while the rest of my neck and face tans.

When I was a kid, my neck turned almost black, so that Mom would think it was dirty and try to scrub me clean.

Nowadays I cover up and wear a hat, but even the odd 15 minutes in the sun without protection changes my colour pretty fast. It's already begun, and we've hardly had any heat at all before the last couple days. Now it's sweltering and we're crying for rain.

I know, I need to take the camera outside. The above is a webcam photo, all I have.


  1. Hi....could Caspar possibly be part Samoyed.....she kinda looks like one!

  2. oh yeah..this was from Leanne!

  3. Ah, now there's an idea ... because of the way her ears also are pointy and stand up, unlike those of the Great Pyrenees ... hm, must look at some more photos....

  4. Leanne, it was Jolene who first suggested the hound is a Great Pyrenees. You'll have to armwrestle with HER! - Kathy

  5. Well now - at least you HAVE a neck, Kate! I've never had one of those necks that the skin is tight on. Now if I turn sideways - it's all just one big slope, from my chin down my throat.

    I've always envied women who have a jaw line.

    Eh - we all want what we don't have.

  6. I'm with greenleafjournal on this! May I suggest just using a little tan blusher with a large soft brush on the pale area to camouflage it? It gives me the optical illusion of a neck :-)

    P.S. Re posting a comment to Corey's blog, I have the same problem as you. I suspect it's all my firewall software blocking my ability to use Javascript. Only once since I started having the problem has it spontaneously subsided long enough to post a comment (just as you did today); I never figured out what I did right either, in order to replicate it. Please let me know if you ever figure out what it is.

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  8. Wow, after I don't know how many attempts, I finally managed to post here. Katie, if you get duplicates from me, please just eliminate them and keep the above message, OK? Thanks.

  9. Kathie,
    I do not own such a thing as blusher anymore. If I did manage to dig some out of a drawer, it would be so old it might be "bacteria soup," as a friend has said. Maybe a little cocoa mixed with face cream, like when we were little girls at Halloween?
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