Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thunder and Lightning, Oh Yeah!

Watching the rain and hail come down, from the bedroom window.

And what a storm it was. Within a half-hour the yard received more than an inch of rain. Hail was the size of marbles and hit the garden so hard that after the first few minutes I, downhearted, couldn't watch anymore. The rain was so heavy that a river rushed through and over my flowers like a raging torrent and I feared they'd be washed away.

This morning I was delighted to discover that damage was minimal. A few annuals are broken and the leaves of some perennials have taken a beating, but overall the plants are looking fairly happy.

The leaves of the three burr oaks next to the front lawn have doubled in size overnight and are a richer green. They took a licking but protected the ferns and hostas beneath them.

Guess I won't have to water for a few days.


  1. We had golfballs here last weekend, I was in Dublin at the time and I'm glad I had the car with me and away from the killer hail! Glad you got away lightly, I love a good hard bit of weather every now and then though, it's so captivating.

  2. We had a real frog-strangler here in the 4-state area (E. Ohio, N. West Virgina, SW. Pennsylvania, W. Maryland) the other night. Now that folks are finally getting a handle on clean-up -- downed powerlines, streets-as-rivers, prodigious volumes of mud left behind, a house burned in a fire set by lightning-strike, 2" hail, funnel-cloud sightings -- a comparable series of storms is predicted for tonight. Unfortunately, our ground's totally saturated so there's nowhere for the water to go except to run off (thank goodness we had the foresight to live atop a ridge, so as long as the laws of gravity aren't repealed and there are several taller structures nearby...). We can only hope the forecasters have gotten it wrong this time.

  3. We've had a lot of rain here as well, but thankfully no hail.. more expected today..I love NOT having to water :)


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