Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've Never Ridden in One of These

Mustabin a vintage car show in the area, or Ken Jones was just out for a drive down Main Street.

It is f-f-f-freezing here today.
The wind yesterday blew down a caragana branch at GG Farm, and branches of a maple tree back at the old place.
But my hollyhocks are still standing, out in the garden. Go, flowers!
I should be baking in this weather, but I am too lazy. I mean, I'm working, and baking takes me away from it when I have to measure, mix and then clean up afterward. To hell with food; who needs it. Besides, it's begun to bore me.


  1. oh I know that feeling - the 'why don't they just make cans of people food' feeling. It happens sometimes. I don't have that feeling so much lately, it's such a fun challenge coming up with alternatives to what I used to eat and because I'm trying to lose a few pounds (slowly, without undue hardship). I would highly recommend a new cookery book. If we lived nearer I'd be loaning you a few and pointing out the nicest recipes. Better yet, if I got off my butt with the food website you could just try some of the ones on there!

  2. I don't think I can fit one more cookbook into my house. I've got some really great ones, and vegetarian ones too, containing many recipes that look fantastic but that I haven't gotten around to trying yet. It's not new recipes that are needed around here, it's ambition and interest! Got any of that to spare? I have lots of favourite tested recipes as well as a lineup of new ones to try, but don't feel like spending any more time in the kitchen than I have to. Summertime, I can live on apples and yogurt, with potato chips for munchies. Wintertime ... different story. No better place to be than the kitchen when it's cold outside.


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