Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Scott's gone out to separate one of the bulls from a neighbour's herd of cows. The big beast broke down a fence to get to them. Boys will be boys I guess.

When Scott gets home with the half-ton, I'm headed to Kelvington to pick up our new furniture and, if it's not too late and he's not in a hurry (they want to move the furniture in through the hole in the wall where the dining room window is going) I'll stop in for a quick visit with Grandma. She was at the reunion on the weekend but seemed a little detached from it all.

It looks like the windows will be in and the digging and insulating outside the house and foundation will be done by the end of the week. If all goes as planned. Which it rarely has done, when it comes to this house.


  1. Progress and pretty flowers. That's all good. I hope your grandmother is okay. -- Jodi

  2. Is your Grandmother hard ofhearing? My mom says that her hearing aids are kind of useless in a crowd and I've noticed that she often just kind of sits in the think of it and "zones out" at parties because of that.

    It doesn't stop her from throwing them -she says she likes it even if she can't hear what's going on!

  3. Grandma probably is a little bit hard of hearing. But not terribly. Dad doesn't think she really knew who he was either; it seemed more as if she pretended to.


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