Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bye Bye Boobies

This print has yet to be framed and hung.

A friend of mine is in surgery today, having a radical mastectomy. It was only a week ago that cancerous lumps were discovered in her breasts and lymph nodes, and her doctors are wasting no time letting the disease spread further than it already has.

They say that humour helps people beat cancer. If that's true, then Kathy will beat the shit out of it and live happily ever after. She's looking at this as the breast-reduction surgery she hasn't been able to afford till now but has always wanted. A quick way to lose a few extra pounds. Now that's what I call positive thinking; Kathy has found the silver lining in this very dark and heavy cloud.

She's got a tough row to hoe. Recovery from surgery, then radiation and chemo; there's nothing funny about any of that but if there is anyone who can make us laugh along with her, she is our girl.

My thoughts are with Kathy and her husband Rick today, and with their two boys; they must all be reeling from the shock of all this happening so fast, and the fear that comes with it even though the prognosis is good.


  1. Wow that is fast! Hope your friend is on the mend. Love the print so cute. Sending positive vibes your way.

  2. She's one tough little cookie, I hope she will be fine too.

  3. I've been thinking of her ALL DAY, too. This makes my day-to-day work annoyances seem like NOTHING. Ahhhh...perspective.

  4. Here hopeing all goes well for her! That is quite the silver lining she found... wow! Positive thinking and humour...I hope she flies right through this rough spot...

  5. Know what I learned last night? I can lay on the couch and sip from a can of soda! Without having to sit up! Boobs are way too over-rated!

  6. Hi Kay - I've been using my sick time getting caught up on your blogs.

    First of all, I LOVE that picture.

    Secondly, how is your friend.

    Thirdly, she reminds me of a woman I work with who, at 39 lost her husband and at 40 was told she had breast cancer. So, the night before her masectomy she had a boob voyage party with all of her girlfriends!

    She is still well after all of her chemo & radiation and is now having her breast reconstructed.

    Women like her and your friend are incredible!

  7. Maggie, check out Kathy's blog, the link is in my entry. And above, in the comments. See how she's doing for yourself, and prepare to be entertained. She's a funny gal.


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