Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucille Clifton

What? Doesn't everybody stand on the toilet lid and look out the window while brushing their teeth?

And yes, this pig has wings. Which is why it's one of my favourites: it reminds me that there is always hope that the impossible is possible.

Lucille Clifton has died. Here's one of her poems:

There is a girl inside
There is a girl inside.
She is randy as a wolf.
She will not walk away and leave these bones
to an old woman.
She is a green tree in a forest of kindling.
She is a green girl in a used poet.
She has waited patient as a nun
for the second coming,
when she can break through gray hairs
into blossom
and her lovers will harvest
honey and thyme
and the woods will be wild
with the damn wonder of it.


  1. Oh, my. Isn't she wonderful? Still. And now I must take the pig too, when I come to steal Ducky.

  2. Love that poem, and the winged pig is something to crave as well

  3. nice poem Kate, I like it,


  4. Thanks for sharing the poem, it is lovely. I'm a fan of that pig too.

  5. Hi, Kate!
    Enjoyed reading your blog (and the poem!), found it by my dad's blog. (my dad is Scott's second cousin (or what is it called?), Lars in Sweden)

    Just wanted to write something and wish you all a great day!


  6. Great to hear from you, Elin. Scott will be tickled!

  7. I did not realize that Lucille Clifton had died, have long been a fan of her poetry, ty for the post Kate.


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