Sunday, February 7, 2010

Three Hens Escape Oblivion

Three Hens Escape Oblivion, 2005

The "house concert" we attended on Tuesday night in Wadena was a small affair with some very big talent. After helping ourselves to the smorgasbord of Chinese food, chicken and burgers, an audience of some 30 of us trekked upstairs to watch Joel Fafard perform.

Fafard is an acoustic guitar player who kept toes a-tappin' throughout his two sets. I picked up two of his CDs: the one whose cover you see above, and his new one, which has been tucked away as a gift for some lucky person on my good side.

Be sure to click on the youtube video and listen to him play a tune, after following the link in the first paragraph.


  1. I love house concerts. I'll look Joel up.

  2. Sounds like a great time. I'll have a look for the video.

  3. What a grat picture!

    I've been to one house concert & it was great

    It was for Romi Mayes from Winnipeg when she had the Webers as a backup band.

    I can't load that page though, Kay. It says it's in Czech and when I press translate it doesn't load. It must be your link because works.

  4. Thanks for the headsup about the link.


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