Friday, March 12, 2010

Redpoll Rescue

Birds hit our living room window almost every day; sometimes more than once a day. Most of them "stumble" midair and fly off to get their bearings in a nearby tree. This little redpoll had struck the glass hard, his fallen body embedded deep into soft snow below the window. Everett scurried out to scoop the tiny creature gently into his hand. Was it alive? Its eyes were closed, its head drooped, but wait! One eye opened, just slightly, to peek at us. After several minutes the bird was alert but still unmoving in the palm of Everett's hand, but when I spoke to it in soothing tones and tenderly caressed its feathered breast, it flew a few inches and clung to his bunnyhug. Twenty minutes later it attempted to escape to the sky, but crash landed at Everett's feet instead. He quickly grabbed it before Chloe Doodle the Dumpling Dog could check it out too closely. When the redpoll finally made a successful flight into the trees, Everett had been standing patiently in the yard for 40 minutes.


  1. AWW so sad when that happens.

    In answer to your question about the dinner party. Here's my menu

    Sorry we are having a traditional Irish dinner

    Guiness Pie
    Guiness Braised Short Ribs
    Limerick Ham
    Scallop Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes
    Irish Soda Bread
    Creme de Menthe Cheese Cake
    Fruit Crisp

    Irish Beer

    You could do a ham and potatoe salad, they can be made ahead and served cold.

    Good luck

  2. Nice to meet you, what a beautiful blog :)
    I was a little, um, bored with house keeping this am, therefore the silliness!

  3. You could always put up a Falcon silouette to keep birds from hitting your window

  4. Wouldn't that also scare the birds away from the nearby feeders? I do want them to come there, where I can watch them from the house.
    I mean to hang crumpled-up foil balls from string hooked onto the eavestrough in front of the window. That oughtta do it!


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