Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brief Glimpse

We have been reduced to taping newspapers onto the living room window in order to keep birds from flying into it. Is this not lovely? Until I find something else to use, something prettier, it will have to do. It works. Last week I found a dead wren near the house and was so disappointed, because a pair had been building a nest in the little birdhouse I hung in one of the oak trees.

Unfortunately we hadn't hung paper on the dining room window yet, so this little barn swallow ended up on the ground. Fortunately the old dog didn't bother it before I got outside to the rescue, so it sat on Everett's hand for some time, and pooped on his pants, before flying off.


It stops raining just long enough for me to take a stroll in my red rubber boots. This may well be a disaster year for area farmers, who must seed by the 15th if they hope to get a crop before freeze-up. Something like that. Not good.


Dad's flying out tomorrow for Aunt Irene's funeral on Thursday, and will be staying till Monday. I teased him: Five whole days! You're slowing down!
That's my dad; doesn't stay in any one place for long.


Everett stayed home yesterday with a stuffed-up nose and head, but doesn't feel tired, he says. I made him stay in bed yesterday morning, but today he's up doing dishes (my god I will miss that child when he goes) and if that doesn't tucker him out I may just enlist him to make granola while I stay at the computer and work all day. Can't do anything outside anyway, in this weather.

Did get the newest rose bush dug in yesterday, and transplanted the painted daisies Karen brought me from the city, and also added three purple coneflowers to the two that survived last fall's extreme freeze before snow. It's no fun digging in mud but these little greenies need to get into the ground.

I have quite a few left to plant, but they will have to wait yet longer. I came into the house after about an hour in the garden yesterday, just beat. I am too young to be that tired after a mere hour's labour! Aren't I? Yeah! However I awoke at 1:30 a.m. needing to get up and take a pill for a migraine, so I shall blame the fatigue on that; usually when a migraine's coming on, I'm exhausted and can't figure out why.

And now, to work. Sitting at my computer work, that is. If you can call it work. I get paid for it, but would probably do it for free. It's good to love your job. Mine is, in case you don't know, as a subject editor for The Canadian Encyclopedia. It's a great resource for kids' projects for school, and a fount of information about all things to do with Canada: our people, our history, our culture, you name it.


  1. seeded some oats and potatoes yesterday here in sweden.
    A little bit late, but we got freezing nights until now (I hope).
    We had the same problems with the birds as you.
    Sent Everett to us when he goes. We will need some help with the dishes (-:

  2. The weather has been less than stellar here as well. Lots of rain over the weekend. More heading in tonight. It was a mere 7c last night. According to our trusty weatherman another rainy weekend is on the way.

    Hope the paper solves the bird problem. We get the occasion stray bird on our patio door. You will most certainly miss your helper.

    It good you get to do something you enjoy for work. Makes doing it so much easier.

  3. We have a very large wall of windows on the back of our house. Birds constantly fly into it, and there is not much we can do. The farm cats clean up the birds that don't survive the crash, though. It's sad, but I console myself by thinking it's just the whole circle of life and nature's way. A few weeks ago an indigo bunting crashed into the window and died on our deck. I took photos of the poor little guy because it was the only time one was slow enough for me to capture its photo. Morbid? Perhaps, but they are beautiful birds, and I wanted to study it without having to stare at the sad little body lying on the deck. My father-in-law thought I'd lost my mind.

    Your post reminded me that I need to make granola! And what an interesting job you have. I think I could enjoy something like that.

  4. Jenni, one thing you might try is pasting a cutout of a falcon or other bird of prey on the windows; I don't do that because I don't want to scare the birds away from the feeders nearby. Also, those pretty suncatcher things work for friends of ours; I just have to find a place to buy some.
    I love my job. I start my office hours in three minutes, and am still in my pyjamas.


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