Sunday, July 4, 2010

Didn't End Up in Kansas

It's a relief to have your kids away from home when there is a serious storm watch covering half the province, including your own home. On Friday night, lightning crashed around the house for hours and we went from window to window, watching the sky. The photo above was taken from the back step.

It reminded us of a time the boys and I had visited Scott years ago when they were still quite small, and after supper he and I had grabbed the boys and headed for the basement of his house when the wind started to howl. That's when Emil was still easy to lift. It would have been difficult to get him downstairs in a hurry, now.

We were fortunate this time; a bit of hard rain, but no hail and no tornado in our immediate vicinity. A community an hour or two to the southwest of us was hit hard; also, the city of Yorkton was very badly flooded on Thursday night by heavy rains. Some people with small children had to be rescued from their homes by canoe. But I digress.

After the danger seemed to have passed, my testosterone-laden partner wanted to drive somewhere out in the open to watch the clouds. I elected to stay near the basement just in case, and away he went. He took the following photos from a grid-road intersection about a mile from here:

Saskatchewan has been hard hit by stormy weather and rain this spring; I guess it must be our turn.


  1. The blackness on the bottom storm photo is
    frightening. I would not have been the one to
    take it, but glad someone had the guts. Storms fascinate me, and in a limited way I am energized by them. But beyond that they open up
    the impotence of humans vs nature and it is frightening. Well, just a comment to the intrepid
    photographer. Claire PS Am emailing wife of
    intrepid photographer

  2. Maybe I am testosterone-laden boy too. Wish I was there looking at the wether. Hope you doing well and not get some damage.
    Here it´s been raining a little today. Enough spoiling may heymaking today and tomorrow.

  3. I was going to say he has more courage than brains but thought "testosterone-laden" was less rude.

  4. Holy Shit... that looks scary.... I'd have been sleeping in the basement for sure.. even with the water seeping in!

  5. That said, I should add that in any emergency, or lost on a desert island, or attacked by any creature living or dead, I would want Scott beside me -- he is smart and has the balls of a lion! Unless I want him to get up and dance before he's had enough to drink ....

  6. The dancing part is most men. I use to teach ballroom and country western dance so I know what I'm talking about. As to the weather, the weather here in Texas has been the same as yours had this year. High heat and add to that tropical moisture equals lots of rain and thunderstorms. But the plants are loving it.

  7. Awesome photos, Kate. As another reader said...I'd be sleeping the basement too!

    Dry and hot here. We'd like a little rain or maybe a few days of rain would really help.

  8. I have the distinct feeling that this 'weather' we're having is targetting the major food production provinces so that later, when the cost of our foods increases, there will be a 'justifiable' explanation or reason to point to for the increase.

  9. Great pictures. Mother Nature can sure be a destructive. I'd be hiding out too! We've started to have the odd tornado around here. We have a heatwave going on at the moment usually end with a pretty huge storm. Keep safe.


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