Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's Go Saling

Is there anyone who doesn't love garage sales? You just never know what you're going to find there. It's the adventure of it all.

Wadena only has about 1500 people, so you can't spend your weekends hitting the yard sales around town. You're lucky if there's one to be found, actually, and have really hit the jackpot if you discover three on one block, as we did on Saturday.

This flowery wooden CD- and cassette- holder was my prize find last week. I paid $6 (gasp! high end for a garage sale) for it and although it doesn't come close to holding the hundreds of CDs we have, I still couldn't resist it. It's in the bedroom right now, where I don't even have a CD-player! Go figure. Eventually I'll get around to putting one in there.

Lying in front of it are rose petals, drying for a love amulet and love spell I intend to make/do for a friend.


  1. Congrats on your lucky strike! I haven't been struck by the garage sale bug just yet, but there's always a few going on around us each weekend. Enjoy your purchase.

  2. That is a beautiful cabinet. I have a spare cd player if you need one ;} of course shipping my cost more than buying one new.

  3. Thanks Melinda. I think we have a spare one lying around here somewhere too! What we'd like is a whole new sound system for the living room; something small and unobtrusive, but with good sound (naturally) and speakers in the bedroom connected to it. We just haven't started shopping. Open to recommendations here, people! And we haven't set up our sound system again since the flood a couple years ago when we had to dismantle it and move it upstairs to dry ground. Been relying on a ghetto blaster. How sad is that.

  4. What a find...this cabinet is really pretty! There's never enough room for all those CD's I couldn't resist. Half of mine are all piled in a stack.

    I can't wait to hear about your amulet and spell!

  5. You could always use it in an office, and put you software and burned CD or DVD in it. Slide in a couple of cassettes or CD cases to use as quick shelves on one side for what ever you need. Just a thought.

  6. I've had some great garage sale experiences, but I'm not sure anything I bought tops that little gem. We bought a Bose Wave and love it---small, good sound. Can hook into MP-3 or CDplayer or as we use it, our computer.


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