Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nell Shipman

Doing the Tibetan Rites in the living room.

Do you know who Nell Shipman was?

If not, read my article on a lady with quite the career in early film, at the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Here's the view from the other direction, from the kitchen. What am I going to put on that far wall? Ideas welcome.


  1. Loved the article. Nell was some woman, I would have love to meet and talk with her. I really like the colors in your living room. It is very peaceful and calming.

  2. Never heard of Nell before, thanks for sharing that tidbit of Canadianna info. She was a trail blazer. Sorry I can't help you with the deco problem, I;m absolutely hopeless in that department.

  3. Whatever goes on that wall, I'll be seeing it from the kitchen as well as the living room, so it should be something I *really like* -- but what, that is the question. It can't be too small, nor too large. I jes dunno. Which is part of the reason we haven't hung any pictures yet. They're all leaning against the wall behind my desk, the wall in the bedroom, the wall here, the wall there .... Oh well, "All in good time, my pretty."

  4. What a fascinating woman. It's good to know that these more obscure adventurers are celebrated in our history. Thanks for that, K.



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