Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kids Who Cook

Sunflower sourdough bagels.

So tasty you can eat them with nothing on them. Not even butter.


  1. and they leave no marks on the bakesheet. I love them already

  2. Is the kid considering the culinary arts? Seems like he has a running start. Oh, and YUM!

  3. He went for career counselling last week and came home with three areas singled out and a list of related jobs. He's begun researching to find out what they are, when they interest him. Tonight he checked out "cheesemaker" (kid eats cheese daily, loves the stuff) and would quite possibly starve without it. However, you need to be able to judge the progress of your product through the use of your physical senses, one of which is smell. And he has no sense of smell! So, he tells me, cheesemaking is out.
    Onward to the next ....


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