Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stop, I Say

When you pull out of our country driveway without stopping to look left, you risk being T-boned by a passing vehicle because the grass in the ditch grows so tall. Now passing vehicles are few and far between, but all it takes is once, so I have been waiting for this stop sign to be mounted on a post and installed properly for visitors leaving our place to see. Unfortunately Manful has had no time for this kind of thing, so over the summer I've leaned the sign against the ugly old John Deere plough (its days are numbered, I tell you; as soon as there is some muscle around to haul the thing out of there, it's gone. I know, I'm a bad, bad farmgirl-- but honestly, farm machinery as a yard decoration does absolutely nothing for me), where it's been blown over onto its face constantly.
Finally I rigged it up to stay, on the back of the old Golden Grain Farm sign. Whose days are also numbered.


  1. Ah here we differ - not on the need to stop - I have the same problem, but on the old farm machinery. I love it and have bits and pieces around, though my old tractor, which could be considered antique is still a working beast. Pity we don't have "beam me up" technology, or I'd nip over and remove your problem! :-)

  2. LOL, we are on the same fence with the old stuff around the yard. Old machines... old vehicles.. no place in a yard. I don't wanna see it hanging round. Now if you have polished it up and planted some flowers around it to make it pretty.. thats a little different but as far as just hanging out on the lawn... noo haul it off!


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