Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back at Ya

Ducky makes a nest for himself

Response to comments:
Barbara, good to see you, thanks for the kind words – the best kind! Heh.
You can subscribe  in 2 ways: under Get Notified (in the column on the right) you can sign up and  new entries will be sent directly to your Google Reader. You have to sign up for a Google Reader first though. A lot of people use this to keep up with websites of their choice; it doesn’t work for me because I never remember to go to the Google Reader to see what has come in. If the notices would come into my everyday mail inbox it would be a lot handier.
[Can Google Reader be set up to do this? Does anybody know? Do tell.]

If you enter your email address under Or like this on the right, you’ll be signing up for my notify list. I send everyone on this list a short email with the link, every time I post a new entry. Or – er – I mean, I TRY to send a notification every time. Sometimes I forget, or maybe I’m really faithful and then the free NotifyList service screws up and doesn’t send the notices for days or even weeks or maybe even ever.  I’ve been pretty faithful about posting entries lately though, so you can safely visit me EVERY DAY!! Yee ha!
These are the only two ways I know of “subscribing.”

My mom made the quilted pictures. They are place mats!
There is something about the outdoors that rests a soul; when I imagine having a terminal illness, for example, I also imagine having a bed outdoors, where it seems to me I’d want to be. Cold, rain and insects are not considered in this fantasy.


  1. As usual: I don't know how did I get here, but I am here enjoying your blog post. And the photos getting my admiration.
    With your permission: like to follow you if you like NatureTalks presented by me: Blue bird.

  2. Don't know how Google Reader works for the computer, but I have it in my androidphone and I'm able to choose if I want to be notified when there's something new :D

  3. I'm not the Barbara who asked obviously, but I never know what to tell our readers, so thanks!!
    The Middle Ages


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