Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Roving Photographer Strikes Again

Scott's cousin Lasse in Sweden, Lasse's sweetheart Marit and his daughter Erin, all keep online journals. The links are listed under "Famdamily" on the left of this page. Lasse practises his excellent English and I use the Translator link to figure out what Marit and Elin are writing. But some days the service falls far short of dependable and I am left laughing, guessing, or both.

For instance, translated from Swedish to English, from Marit’s blog:

Skinskteken we ate together with mashed potato tops and so creamy sauce of course. Since I cook in the frying bag I keep all the good and the sky is really good as a basis for sauce. As an option, we ate sweet pepper salad, pickled cucumber and jelly.
Now it's just for new efforts and find themselves in oxveckorna, as we move into!

What the heck is skinskteken? I'm not sure what a frying bag is — does she mean she keeps the frying pan lid on so the moisture and/or liquid doesn't escape? What does it mean that the sky is a good basis for sauce? And what does oxveckorna mean?

So, while Translator explains some things, it raises other questions.

Response to Comment

Lasse sent a link with his comment below:


(Lasse speaks to the reporter at the beginning.)


  1. The translator says (copy from google translator):
    Skinskteken is wrong spelling. It should be "skinksteken" =roast pork
    Frying bag = think you are right
    Sky= gravy
    Oxveckorna = (bulls weeks) the weeks between christmas and easter becuse there is no extra hollidays except the ordinary weekends. A hard time (-:
    And becuse of your picture:
    Last night we had a big derailment about 50 km from here. 8 waggons run out in a big ditch beside the railroad.

  2. From Lasse:

    Jost send you a link to a movie from the swedesh television. Check in the good looking guy in the beginning


  3. Now I see why people so often complains about our language.. ;) "Skinkstek" is a big piece of ham, "sky" is kind of a sauce you can serve to skinkstek, frying bag is a plastic bag you put the steak in just before you put it in the oven (you don't whant the steak to become too dry)

    (I failed trying to come up with a good explanation of "oxveckorna", this link http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxveckor might help a bit, but you have to translate..)

    Don't know what's worst, swedish or Google Translate..? Haha

    Kind of funny, by the way, that you got a picture of a train today... This accident happened yesterday (http://op.se/bracke/1.2659706-ursparat-godstag-stoppar-trafiken) and dad is one of those who are going to clean up that little mess (nice close up picture of dear dad in the end of the article)

  4. Ah, now I see dad was a bit faster than me (with everything in his comment!!)

  5. Needs more time to be perfected but its much better than it use to be.


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