Saturday, January 15, 2011

Celebrities as Children

 I particularly get a kick out of DiCaprio as a kidlet; looks like an imp.

Please note that my mom's best friend Joanne has posted an entry today (see under column Lookee Here, on the left). And I am trying to armwrestle Julie into giving permission to post a poem-letter she just wrote me in response to yesterday's entry. Her poems are so full of spicy clarity.

Yesterday was spent sleeping, and last night seemed sleepless because of a surface discomfort. Damn neck migraines. Got up early this morning and took a pill, which should've been done last night before going to bed; it's so hard to know when to take them and when not to, without waiting so long that it's too late. I took one this morning, and it worked. Yippee! but makes me tired and slowmoving for the rest of the day.

I have yet to get out of Mom's housecoat. Everett's favourite radio shows are on so he is making cookies, loading up the recycling, and taking down the Christmas tree while he listens. I'm going to catch up on yesterday's editing work, missed thanks to my finicky neck. Saturday is the day we haul the laundry to town and Everett sits happily in the laundromat for two hours while I pick Emil up, get groceries and run errands; we'll head out in a couple hours. 

Exciting life, huh? How do you spend your days?


  1. Lately my days are spent wasting my time. Or let's call it crocheting and then pulling it apart and redoing it. I have been working on a scarf. At this point I have spent 8.00 on wool, 3.95 on a special crochet hook, and if my time counted at let's say 10 hrs. @ 5.00/hr. you would have yourself a mighty expensive ugly scarf.I was making it for a friend but for the price I think I will keep it for myself.

  2. My life seems remarkably like Joan's but broken up by invasions of the grandchildren, fun but energy-sucking. As for celebrities as children, I have only one word and I'm not sure how to spell it. eerie.


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