Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Gift

If the pants fit...wear 'em.

 Phone conversation:
My sister Joan: Did your birthday present fit?
Me: I don't know, I haven't tried them on yet.
Joan: You'll love them! They're super comfy. Do you like brown? I thought of grey, but that seemed kinda dull.
Me: Brown's perfect.
Joan: They're LuluLemon. I knew you'd never buy them for yourself. You'd look at the price tag and say "That's ridiculous!"

Anyway, they fit and there's the picture to prove it. And she is right, they are super comfy.


  1. Our generation won't wear pink sweats in the nursing home - no - it'll be yoga pants and wool sweaters.....

  2. Hey, they look awesome too!!(according to pic)

  3. Look great and comfy. Enjoy your birthday present.

  4. And super sexy. Now I want a pair. In brown too. Is that okay seeing as we've never met? ;)
    The Middle Ages

  5. LOL
    Probably *best,* Barb, that we've never met!

  6. They look great. I wish I could wear pants like that but apparently God forgot to give me an a**.

  7. Joan, my friend Maggie told me that as we women get older, when they go to sew pants for us they just reverse the pattern so that there is less room for a bum in back and more room for a belly in front. Isn't that something to look forward to? Heh.
    You're lucky you've no ass. I always wished I didn't have one.

  8. My granddaughters and daughters would live in Lululemon if it were permitted---not in the clothes, in the store


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