Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once a Year

Thank you, Joanne, for the birthday song this morning and for the anecdote about your dad and me. I only have a vague memory of him, but I can happily say that I have been lovingly held in the arms of some very good men and so your dad must have been one of the first, and given me a taste for it!

I have no complaints about turning 52, except maybe that Mom's prediction about the likelihood of developing the floppy Scandinavian eye flaps seems to be coming true. Gak. It's a good thing I have long eyelashes holding my eyelids up, so I can still see. 

With my luck, I'll end up one of those people who has to have plastic surgery out of necessity ... after insisting that I'd never do it out of vanity.

from my baby book


  1. Happy, happy birthday to you! 52 is the new...something or other.

  2. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Kate! 52 isn't so bad ~ it's when you're breathing down the neck of 60 that's scary. :)

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kate (from NY)

  3. Happy Birthday, Kate! Have a great day...AND year!

    (I just turned 52 on the 16th. My achy back feels older but my mind feels younger...or maybe just immature!)


  4. Have a wonderful Birthday! All the best for year 52.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday, I hope it was a good one.

  6. Åh, grattis i efterskott!!
    Sorry, just had to take that in swedish since I don't know what 'efterskott' is in english... Happy birhtday, anyway!
    I see your birhtday is at the same day as my dad's.


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