Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soon there will be no more snow photos; I promise.

Relax, people ... relax! Spring will arrive soon enough, and along with it wet basements and washed-out roads. I can wait.


Everett came into the office yesterday and said “You know how you come and hug me sometimes, saying that you read that a minimum of four a day are necessary for health? Well, I haven’t hugged you for about two years. Would you like one?”


Mmmm... potato pancakes. Greasy but oh so fine and crispy.
We're having them with turnips & veggies au gratin. A gourmet feast, I tell you. Weird combination, but some days that's just the way she goes.


Films watched lately for a second time: About a Boy and Driving Miss Daisy.
I'm sure you've all seen them so I don't have to tell you much, but two things stood out.
In the first, a young boy sees his mother’s spirit in a park, and then discovers her unconscious after she has attempted suicide. His "sighting" isn't alluded to again; perhaps such things are common but rarely discussed.
In Driving Miss Daisy they play audio excerpts of a famous Martin Luther King speech, where he says it's not only the people who do bad things who will be judged, but also those who are apathetic and do/say nothing when they are aware of injustice. How many of us fit that bill? It made me consider the things I don't take on.


Thank you Ms KitchenKate for the perdy flowers I have stolen (er, copied) from you.


And finally, this comes via my friendly neighbourhood hairdresser, Janice:

 The driving manual says the average driver's reaction time is .75 seconds ...Or 1 car length for every 10 mph...Test your average reaction time. Be very careful; this can be addictive. Click on the link below and good luck.



  1. Ahh the snow pictures are nice though.... I like the reaction time test... very fun! Glad you got a hug!

  2. I have chosen to skip the driving test, but I hope you took a hug.

  3. We woke to snow today and I'm NOT loving it. But your photo is perdy.

    (Everett kills me)

    potato pancakes mmm

    xo B

  4. Still a ton of snow here ;( How sweet about the hugs.

  5. I love that flower. I stole it from somebody else.


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