Friday, April 8, 2011

Bit Wet

Moisture Map: we live in the red, northeast of Wynyard about 30 miles. Click on image to enlarge.

For the story (or non-story, to be honest; dull reading), click here.

We're off to town in a half hour, so Everett can drive, and drive, and drive some more. We'll do laundry, pick up Emil, get groceries (his favourite place to go is the Co-op Store, though he doesn't help me shop) and probably treat ourselves to something from the local drive-thru, which opened for the season just a week ago. Everett is dying for an ice cream Blizzard. The sun is shining so it seems appropriate; I have just paid off the last $300 of debt I had in the world, and am forthwith footloose and fancy-free, so I deserve a milkshake. And it's the weekend! My work week is nearly done except for a few hours I'll put in over the next two days. Scott has earned us a steak supper tomorrow night; sometimes his clients spoil him (and as a result, me) when he's finished a job. Anyone's cooking but mine — yippee! I was all over that invitation.

And that is life down on the farm ....


  1. Wow, debt free!!! Good for you! Enjoy.

    Milkshakes, love them, appropriate treat for a job well done, I agree.

    Hope it doesn't get too wet there.

  2. Life down on the farm sounds pretty good.

  3. WTG!! Debt free is a dream in this house.... but debt and farm seem to be synonomous... Hope you enjoyed your ice cream treats!!

  4. I think it all sounds good, including the rain. (We're in an extreme drought down here)


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