Sunday, May 22, 2011

Violet, the previous owner, left these tulips under the oak trees

✿⊱╮I've been busy digging holes and digging up plants, moving them to new locations in order to reduce the area that needs weeding by hoe or hand. This morning I woke up stiff, but it can't all be blamed on the shovel. On the way into the hardware store the other day I saw a bike I wanted, and bought it. Scott picked it up yesterday and I took it for a short spin when he got it home. Stretched out some unused muscles, methinks. But it's dandy; the old-fashioned handlebars allow a restful ride rather than one that strains the neck and shoulders from leaning forward.


  1. Yay for spring! and yay for bicycle rides!! Hope the stiff and sore works out fast for you!! :) (love those pretty tulips!!!)

  2. the photo is lovely; I always thought I wanted a garden, and every year, took pains in the spring to care for the things I'd forgotten about by July. Living in a condo has cured me almost as much as the internet has.


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