Saturday, June 18, 2011

When They Just Don't Get It

You never know what you'll find on Marilyn's webpage, Nag on the Lake. Always something of interest, that's for sure. Thanks, Marilyn!


Everett says to me last night: “You are too happy. You need a ‘sad’ pill.”
I am strangely flattered by this statement, though he meant it as a complaint, to go along with his “You make a song out of nothing” and so on.
His life is so rough, the people he lives with so irritating!
I’d rather be happy than sad, so this is fine with me.


  1. Sounds likes a tad bit of envy with the sad pill thing.

  2. Nah ... just the "nothing is any good" thing that some teenagers espouse. Although my teenager has no clue what real misery is. I guess life may teach him, but it won't be in MY home. I hope.

  3. Great video. Goodness me a "sad pill" no thank you.


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