Thursday, January 26, 2012

College Boy

Email from Gord, Everett's dad:
College Boy; see attached.

Return email:
Awwwww... he's so cute....
first haircut since August?

Email from Gord:
Well about a week ago he cut his own hair . Looked like a total doufus. I should've taken a picture . You would have died laughing. So when I suggested to take him for a cut today there was no hesitation. Shoes and coat on in record time.

Email from Everett:
You asked about my classes a while ago, so here is me finally giving you a list of what I'm taking this semester.

Video Production Techniques
Visual Design Development
Audio Production Technology
Organizational Behaviour
Production Planning Process

Six classes. That is three less than I started off with in the first semester. It's going fine for the moment. Sorry I was late telling you about it, but I have work to do in between leisurely activities. Er, I mean, I have fun things to do in between doing work. Yeah, that's it.



  1. Oh my god, so funny! He's not at Concordia by any chance??? His life sounds rather like my daughter's. B

  2. Nope, he's at NAIT in Edmonton. Sounds like students' lives are all similar!

  3. I'm not alone...with a budding child. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    Kate (from NY)

  4. Wonderful post! How funny kids are...and don't they know it, haha! xx


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