Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doofus in a Sweater

Cathy gave me handmedowns on the weekend, and on Monday I wore this sweater home .

And am still wearing it. I’ve washed and bathed and changed my other clothes every day, but this sweater keeps going back on.

I’ve also moved back into my “everything in its place” purse, pictured behind. It’s too heavy even when empty to carry far, but what I want can be found immediately. That’s the $100 purse that Gord still exaggerates about; in his mind, it was $400. I bought it for my 40th birthday; my first super-purse, worth any price. Now if only it was made of lightweight material instead of leather.(Perhaps I can place an order with Nance, the purse-sewing queen.)

Finally I am sorting through the old Wadena News pile and putting the Margo Centennial stuff into large envelopes to mail to Aunt Reta and a woman in Flin Flon who has been waiting since summer for copies.So many details to take care of; I swear it's neverending. Today I got as far as sweeping the hallway and kitchen floors. Woo hoo!


  1. Kate, your such a kid! LOL Great photo!

  2. Ha good photo, nice sweater. That reminders me I need to clear out my purse. It grows heavier by the day.


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