Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sights of Toronto

With false captions for those who find my blog somewhat ... too ... dull ...
Does this help?
The mall across from my hotel; there was a bomb scare there the day before I arrived
A pair of lesbian transvestites I ran into at the mall

When you're eating your meals alone, they should at least look good. Supper: grilled vegetable sandwich w/ sweet potato fries. 
A trapeze act hired to entertain me in my hotel room; they had a real workout. Bet they were sore for days.

My Spiderwoman capabilities allowed me to scale the outside walls of the hotel and enter rooms whose occupants had left their purchases behind while they went sightseeing. This way I don't have to do all my *shopping* at the mall.

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    Love the captions!
    You were in the big smoke for sure! So many adventures!


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