Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bull Pen

"You lookin' at me?"

"What do you think of this earring?"

The bulls were moved over here to our pasture recently and happily so, as there's 30 acres of fresh, untouched green grass for them to pig out on. If you don't count the water, and we've got lots of it in every direction this year; but they like to wade into that to find new shoots, too.

And the two of them get along like the best of buddies:


  1. Yeeeep, they kind of scare me. Looks like your weather has improved. I too ponder the fact that the days seem to pass way too quickly.

  2. They make me nervous, too -- bulls have a reputation for being badasses, don't they.
    But all the cattle on this farm are like big dogs; they'd come up to have their ears scratched, given half a chance. But I always stay on the far side of the electric fence.


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