Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am an Arteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

and this is my studio ... on the first day

The table is now covered with more clippings and I've carried two briefcases full of cards and papers out there along with a hardcover scrapbook I started for Emil years ago. It's been collecting odds 'n' ends for ages; time to tidy things up and fasten 'em down.

That orange ceramic thing is the ugliest ashtray I've ever seen. But it fits the existing decor close enough, doesn't it? I washed the caked-on ashes from it the other day in the rainbarrel, but haven't yet been able to part with it. It's probably been in the camper since the original owners.

It's a lovely little outdoor room to work in, where I can leave everything as it is when I move on to other activities through the day. The weather's been mild so I sit out there with the windows open and listen to the birds while I cut and paste.

This morning I went through cards given to Grandma on her 90th birthday; those with handwritten notes will go into Emil's scrapbook, and I kept a stack for "useable parts." There were also cards given to her and Grandpa on their 50th anniversary; some of those, too, will go in.

And so on. I'm having fun.
Am I easy to please, or what?


I hope to get a picture of the new flowerbed for you, but so far the colour doesn't show up well in my snapshots. There are pink painted daisies in profusion right now, and many of the annuals are bright and bravely doing their thing. The display is pretty, but not dazzling. With luck we'll see dazzling before the summer is over.


  1. I love it! Areeeeeest Quarters on wheeeeeels!!!!

  2. So nice to have a space you can use and just leave as is. I love you are keeping a history. So precious. I have folders full of writings, pictures and other treasures needing to be looked after. A work in progress. Plus I have other work in progress projects. On my wish list would be an extra bedroom, den or some area where I can spread out and be somewhat organized within the chaos. That makes sense to me LOL.

    Loved your pictures yesterday ...


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