Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Crop damage in a neighbours' field during big wind and rain on Saturday

Since when do lupins bloom a second time in August? Since I'm a lucky wench, that's when.
My rainwater-holding system, complete with floating rest/escape platforms for frogs, et al.


  1. Your property looks so green and oh my those flowers are a nice sight to see. I love your platforms for the frogs. Very inventive LOL.

    I live in an apartment building although fortunately for me I face a little "forest" so looking out I can pretend I am wherever. Flowers don't do so well on my balcony since I face north and the sun doesn't appear until late afternoon.

    You do take lovely pictures :))

  2. Like Carol, my flower space faces north, and I've never been able to pretty it up with flowers, though I love them. We had tiny frogs in the spring time, as we're in between two creeks. Yes, city creeks, but they encourage frogs and mosquitoes and crickety-sounding things nonetheless.


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