Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Till Next Time

Scott with his son Gunnar and Gunnar's girlfriend Melissa
Scott is shy and I may be asked to take this down, so have a gander while you can! I know some of you are his relatives and would like to see a pic of him now and then.

The kids left late this afternoon and Scott went directly out to the field to help with the combining and grain hauling. It's nearly 10 now and surely going to freeze tonight so he'll be in soon.

Tomorrow's a walking day so it had better warm up.


  1. I love seeing family photos of my blogging friends. I hope it gets left up.

  2. Aww ... she is so cute. Hope you had a good walk today with some warmth but if not, you can keep warm by putting on more layers. Well I do anyway. Riding bike to work tomorrow so hoping it isn't freezing at 7:30 tomorrow morning ... brrr

  3. Layers, oh yes ... and furthermore, they come off and go back on about 10 times in the course of my 3-mile walk. Except in winter, of course; then it all stays on.

  4. haha, hard to know what to wear this time of year. It was maybe 5C this morning on my ride to work so I dressed warmly but coming home it was 20C so a little different. Your winters are much colder than the ones here but I enjoy winter walking. I get out my snow pants, proper snow boots etc and off I go. Never really get cold either. Unlike in the heat of the summer when there is nothing you can do. How long does it take you to walk 3 miles?

  5. More than 45 minutes, but I'm not sure how much more. Less than an hour, at any rate.


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