Friday, September 28, 2012

While On the Road

A bald eagle rests in a field of stubble, and I pull over to snap a photo of it. Sightings of bald eagles and moose are not rare in this area anymore, but here in the parkland their appearance is still worthy of mention.

More frequently spotted (I swerve to avoid them while walking) at this time of year are these:

I nudge garter snakes with the tip of my shoe and tell them to get off the road, but they only curl up and stay put.
Salamanders I tell the dogs not to bother. 
The gravel road is covered with these little guys: woolly caterpillars looking for warm winter resting-places.
These are out in force too, but I don't know what beasts they will become.
Or these. But I am curious and will do some research.

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  1. What a collection of critters to see while out strolling. The bald eagle would be awesome. The closest I get is the two peregrine falcons that float overhead so effortlessly. I particularly like the salamander. Is there water nearby? The snake.. well won't even talk about that LOL

    thanks for the interesting pictures.


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