Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Hermit

Sunday morning, bedside table

The gal in the pic (it's a business card I use as a bookmark) is Hilary Grist, who came out to Pilger and gave a house concert at Joanne's. Ah, here's the entry I made: go back in time to fall 2010.

Normally I drink my coffee black, but there was some whipping cream in the fridge I want to use up, so ... it's super tasty, but alas, the beverage goes down my throat like a raging river instead of appreciative sips. Too much caffeine too quickly.

I love mornings "off" to indulge in reading and writing. What am I saying? All my mornings are like this!

Sunday morning on the other side of me

Even if I've told you already and am repeating myself, it's worth telling again:

Keeping a whole clove in your mouth in the general vicinity of aching gums or toothache works like magic. 

Wadena is getting a dentist! It's about time. 
According to the Wadena News:

"Dr. Dany Malaxos is opening a practice Tues, Oct.23. Hours of operation: Tues, Wed, Thurs. Call for appointments. 230 Main Street N."

Tarot card for today: the Hermit. 
I still have a lot to learn. 


  1. What a cozy sight. Great books, nice cup of coffee (not so sure about that whipping cream), we have the same phone LOL.

    Oh yeah, I love the Hermit. There is much to learn. I am grateful for that.

    Have a nice Sunday :))

  2. A lovely catch of your mood. I must do something about being able to take photos and post them right away....I often forget I've taken photos until after their best by date


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