Saturday, November 3, 2012


Interior My Dining Room, by Wassily Kandinsky, 1908
This reminds me of a house I lived in once. Its colours won me over the moment I walked into it, and an offer to purchase was made. We lived there for seven years. I filled that house with so much stuff that it looked much like this: warm, cosy, rich.

These are still the colours I am most drawn to. Unfortunately, walls in this colour family soon begin to tire me. It's not long before I crave a change to something that doesn't jump out quite so much, something lighter. So now when I choose paint, I am careful to pick a colour that I won't have to change before a good many years. Something that doesn't get in my face.


  1. Julie ... for your own good ... BACK AWAY FROM THE BLOG!
    Just teasing. I've been thinking about you doing the NaNoWriMo challenge, and how much determination and dedication it takes for an entire month. Good luck to you!

    1. Hey, K,

      Blogging could be classed as an addiction, maybe. Regarding Nanowrimo, I am around the 5,000 word mark so far, and I went to a meet-up yesterday. Gotta smile, a group of people who barely know each other meet in a coffee shop, speak hardly at all, sit at separate tables, and do contests of who can write more words in 15 minutes. This isn't quality writing, it's what you would call a shitty first draft, the first step to writing something good.

    2. Thanks. It's going well so far, I have 5,000 words written already and went to a meet-up yesterday at a coffee shop. Quite amusing to be among other people obsessed with writing.

  2. If I had known of that painting when I moved to this place, I wouldn't have chosen brown, cobalt and copper as my colours. Of course, I'd be living alone.


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