Friday, November 23, 2012

Pete's Tipi

Pete's tipi near Whitehorse, Yukon — back in the day
Now I peruse Pete's tipi (among other collected papers) while brushing my teeth in the hallway outside the bathroom 
There is lots to look at.


  1. What a wall. I would love to spend an afternoon standing there reading and looking!! Love the tipi. My ex and I lived in the Yukon for a summer back in the day and for a week or so lived in a tent. Of course it wasn't winter although on certain days we needed winter coats on. Memories :))

  2. Oh, I hate the envy I'm feeling. Wall is amazing.

  3. You three are definitely "of my tribe." I imagine half the people who see the wall think "That'd be the day I'd do this."
    Some of the pictures are 30 years old. I stuck cards and such in my journals for a very long time! It was so nice to get them out where I can not only see them, but share them.


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