Monday, December 10, 2012

Now Pretend You're in a Bar

While you're listening, if you haven't been here before, take a tour around the shack:
My favourite place on a sunny afternoon
You see we are "blanket rich," as Cathy said when she was here
The spare room, where Emil sleeps when he comes out, because ...
... he can't get onto the office bed; yes I have more putting-away to do, and still haven't set up the new printer.
To clear out a shelving cabinet for Scott's paperwork, I emptied it of all my journals. They start in 1975 and, where I've dipped in, contain teenage ranting, handwritten letters from Mom and others, thankyou notes, photos and more.


  1. Just a quick note to say I really enjoy your blog! I lived near Wadena many years ago. Your writing brings back some nice memories. But I remember a LOT more snow there when I was a kid. :0)

  2. I loved my virtual walk among your rooms, taking in the colours and imagining the textures.

  3. I love all the quilts! Did you make them yourself?!

  4. Hell no. I do have one almost finished that I worked on with my mom in the last year of her life; need to get back to it, it's been in the sewing basket since she died in 2005. Shame on me. The bedspread is one that Mom made and said I could have if I helped her do the hand-stitching, so I did. The others were made by Mom, by my friend Shelly (the big puffy one on the livingroom couch), and by Mom's best friend's mother many years ago.

  5. I just found your blog through another site and have been happily readng if from start to current. I love the four wall hangings, depicting the seasons, in your bedroom above the bed and was wondering if there was any way I could get the patterns for them. I am doing a lot of quilting these days and would really love to do this project for myself. Please get in touch if you can. Thanking you in advance. India

  6. India,
    Thanks so much for that comment. If it doesn't make me feel like a million dollars, nothing can!
    Mom did that quilting -- it's a set of placemats -- for my great-aunt, who gave them to me after Mom died (I still have trouble writing that word, about her).
    I'll ask another of my aunts, who is a quilter, if she knows anything about the pattern.


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