Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top o' the Links

I see Ralph's up at the top of my Sask Readables list with some footage of a rough road one snowy night.

Mare's dad doesn't want to watch the Tyrone/Kirsty story anymore either.

See a mist bow in Scotland! First time for me.

And finally, Virginia Woolf has inspired a videogame.

Lilian, I have lost the url to your blog! Please send.


  1. Well, I am impressed that my misadventures on a snowed in driveway could be of much interest to (m)any besides myself. Just part of the reality of living out in "the sticks". Now, back to Downton Abbey.

  2. Ralph I love your videos and commentary! When you talk machinery my eyes start glazing over (a man's blog, for sure) ... LOL ... but I like what you're doing there.


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