Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What 104 Looks Like

Scott with his Grandma Lowndes, who recently turned 104.

A while ago Grandma decided she didn't want to cook anymore but could remain in her home if family members would take turns bringing supper to her each night. She has four adult children and five grown grandchildren living within a distance of 20 miles, so between them a hot meal is delivered each evening and Grandma has company at her table. The Meals on Wheels program delivers hot food for her lunches.

Scott took his turn on Saturday and I went along. We stopped at the Co-op store and picked up sausages and frozen perogies, and he boiled 'em all up in her kitchen.

I made the darjeeling tea, which Scott's sister Tanya brought back from India when she visited there last year with another sister, Lynn.


  1. Another way in which you and yours are exceptional people Kate! The family resemblence between Scott and his Grandma is amazing.

  2. Big Congrats!!!! We should all be this healthy and happy at 104.

  3. Wow, 104. What a lovely lady and so blessed to have so many caring for her needs. The joy of giving.

  4. Looking good and still in her home! Would that we we were all so fortunate!

  5. That's fantastic! I wonder what her secret is?!

  6. Her secret: she has a really amazing appetite and eats big meals on a regular schedule AND she never complains. AND having so much family in and out all the time, I think that makes a huge difference too.


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