Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things My Memory Forgot

Fri night, in PJ's on bed, reading Grade 12 journal from back in the day:

• boring stuff (now) about boys
• I see I never stayed home
• I see I said I was depressed
• I worried about not having enough money
• I wanted to get good marks
• I was smoking pot with my friends
• I seemed to seriously consider going into law (why? I wonder now. I don't recall having any actual interest in the law)

I took my Gr12 while living in the girls' dormitory at Luther College in Regina. When I was there for Gr10, my dorm neighbour and good friend was Cathy Ritchie. I see from the journal that she visited me there after she graduated, and so I text her about it:

Cath: Don't remember that.
Me: Me neither but apparently your visit made me happy.
Cath: I'm sure it made me happy too. Some things never change.

Reprinted from Facebook


  1. Just getting caught up...
    You wrote (and kept) journals from 1975? I wish I could be like that. Im a chucker.
    A good girlfriend is better than a sister. (No family baggage stuff!)
    I'm glad your back is feeling better! It's shocking how much we use certain muscles and don't really notice them until they are wrecked and paining us.

  2. I actually had journals starting at age 12 -- but they went into a bonfire in the farmyard when I was about 14. I regret that now ... they would have been a scream to read. And probably would've reminded me of many lovely things.
    I've chucked or given away lots of old things over the years ... and have often regretted it later too. That said, it's all gotta go sometime.

  3. That last thing I said?
    Can practically HEAR my dad saying it.

  4. If only I'd known I was a big picture person---I'd have started a diary and would have all those little facts that it kills me to have forgotten.


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