Saturday, March 23, 2013

To SunnyBoy

How's school? Anything interesting happening?
My life =
Well, today Emil and I went for a lovely adventure. We were headed to Neil and Rose's without phoning first, but we only got as far as the Kuroki highway before the power steering belt was knocked off from hitting snowdrifts on the road, so we turned down the highway to kuroki and toured the town and then hightailed it home only to stop at the fishing lake gas bar at kylemore for some windowwasherfluid as i was right out and that's never good but figured mightaswell get gas too. Thing wouldn't start after, and the reserve maintenance man (my new friend) fudzed with it at least half an hour if not an hour and another guy had to come with wrenches and they got it and then i needed a boost. all this just as scott drove up, answering my call for aid. The fellow didn't want to be paid but said I could buy him a pack of smokes, so I did. I'm going to take him a batch of fudge too. 
That's my first time in that store and it's open till 11 every night -- 

Check this out:


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