Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh Where Oh Where Have the Comments All Gone

There's water. It IS spring.
Oh where oh where can they be?

This friggin' template ... hm ... much as it's fun, who wants to have to search for things? Rzzzl Frzzzl Grrr, as the Divine Marya has said.

I'll get around to changing the template. You know I will. That's half the pleasure of blogging: rearranging things. Heh. Designer wanna-be.


  1. Just testing, can I leave a comment that anyone else can see?

  2. Hello! from Minnesota!

  3. weighing in with your other commenter/friends. And of course, I'm leaving a comment.

  4. I still can't see where ... LOL ... never mind, obviously I figured it out at least once before! See above.
    So tell me ... do you guys hate this template, or love it?
    I find it fun ... all those titles right there, handy ... all the wild stuff you can do with your cursor ... but really, is it all that?


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