Friday, May 24, 2013

Emil's Third Visit to the Naturopath

It's that loveliest of greens ... spring green! 

The bones of dead farm machinery
No time for much today besides a trip to Melfort to take Emil to the naturopath we've been consulting due to the sensation of plugged ears that has been bothering him. Two general practitioners and two ear/nose/throat specialists have said, "Nothing to be done. It will go away eventually." The first time, it took six months to clear up. This time it's gone on for a year and a half.

It's been disappointing and frustrating. But it was when Emil started saying he wishes he was dead because of how his ears feel, and he'd like to kill himself or get someone else to do it, that it got worrisome. And he didn't stop saying it when you talked to him about the realities of death and the consequences, or how ears that feel plugged — but don't hurt and he can still hear as well as always — are not worth ending your life over. And how upsetting it is for people to hear him say that. And so on. Basically this has been his way of getting the message across that this is really bothering him and for heaven's sake do something about it.

Two or three months ago the naturopath did a live blood analysis and saw that, among other things that showed up, yeast was a big problem in his system. We removed bread from Emil's diet; also dairy and sugar. He has complained long and loud, but we have stuck to our guns. In a short while he lost his baby fat and his acne, but the plugged-ears sensation remains.

The live blood analysis today showed that there is no more yeast problem, and a number of other things shown by the blood last time have either cleared up or are on their way out. He can start having bread and dairy again, but in moderation and with a couple days between servings, so that he doesn't end up back where he was yeast-wise. But now we are going to cut out eggs for the next month and see if that makes any difference.

Emil must have told Dr. Fillatre 20 times today, speaking so quickly and intensely he could hardly be understood, "You know, I don't like having plugged ears but I also don't like not being able to eat the foods I like." He was hoping the doc would bring out his magic wand and fix everything. Oh if only it could work that way. But no, me laddie: you are the one who has to do the work. And it's not easy changing your way of eating, that's for sure.


  1. Oh, that was chilling. And it's true, it is difficult to change your way of eating, especially if it doesn't have the effect you were hoping for. My doctor recommended bathing my ears with warm water, and I had such hopes, but that wasn't too helpful either. Mostly I just bang the side of my head where the plugging is going on.

  2. In Emil's case there is no actual plugging; that's what's so weird. I don't think I'll suggest the banging of the head, at any rate! LOL

  3. K, As you know, I've had problems with my ears for some years and it is hell. I have lots of home remedies which partially work to combat dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and foggy thinking. Lately it has helped to eliminate milk and cheese products, but the ears are weirdly complex so there's no easy answer.

  4. I know lots of people who go to the blood analysis thing in Melfort. It's only 90 KM from here. Let me know when you go sometime - we can meet for coffee in Kinistino or something!

  5. Will do, JT! Next trip is July 26th.

  6. Remind me when you go. Might be camping then up in Narrow Hills Provincial Park, but if not, definitely coffee is in order!

  7. Poor Emil.
    My ears have been ringing in one and pulsating in the other since I had a cold in March. It is worse at night and sometimes I can feel things moving around in there. Sometimes it feels and sounds like candy wrappers being unwrapped in my ears.
    I hope that mine goes away. I have tried cortisone nose spray and it helps somewhat but not totally.
    I fear it is going to have to be a mind over matter thing to cope with in life.
    Would mediation or something like that help him? He sounds desperate.
    Does the doctor know he is making these noises about not being able to cope with it?
    Poor Emil.
    Poor Kathy.

  8. Maggie,
    He's been seeing a counsellor to talk about his feelings and that seems to be helping him some.
    Good luck with yours! I had that "candy wrapper" thing happen in my own ears when Emil first said his ears felt plugged. It was weird. Went away on its own, though, within a day or two.


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