Thursday, July 11, 2013

Raining in My Basement

Where was this T-shirt when I wanted to send a pic of it to Jolene during her hospital struggles?

In our basement, the relative humidity reading is 98% when we go down in the morning, after closing the bedroom window, to press a button and turn the dehumidifier on.

One unfortunate result is that fudge doesn't harden as it ought. There will be a shortage at my market table this weekend.

Perhaps one could improve the situation by leaving the windows closed all night as well as all day during the heat, and letting the dehumidifier run 24 hours a day, but no. It's summer, dammit, and I'm going to open the windows once in a while. Even if it's only in the cool of the evening, to sleep.

The two batches of caramel corn made early in the week didn't want to dry and harden as usual. Everett has volunteered to lick up anything that isn't fit for marketing, bless 'im.


Friends from high school have kept me company this week - my trip to the dentist resulted in a crown - I visited the big bus that travels giving mammograms - pap smear is next - strawberry picking at Cara's this afternoon.

At Lily's garage sale in Kuroki after her passing, her bicycle decided to come home with me, and it is the most perfect fit (thank you, Lily!) I can't remember ever being so comfortable on a bike; next - another chance to ride it. Perhaps tonight.

Tomorrow will be taken up by preparations for the market on Saturday. Sunday will be a day of rest. Monday is to tackle Uncle Carl's memoir and keep at it all week.

And that's my life lately. What have you been doing?


  1. Your life has been diverse and interesting, if a little too humid. Mine has been family-centric and calmish, with the joy of 10 days of live Blues music at Bluesfest across the street. I love sitting on the patio and watching the Festgoers walk, cycle, wheel and skateboard past our place with such excitement and anticipation. the Tragically Hip headlined last night and there was such a multi-age, multicultural and multi-cultured crowd.

  2. I've had the AC on all week just to avoid the humidity. Humidity drives me insane. Mmmmm fudge sound good. Also had my annual check-up this week too. Dentist is pending in October. Have a fun weekend.

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    1. I've learned one important lesson from having to get this root canal and crown. Here it is: when you feel a twinge in a tooth, even if it is only once and goes away for the next six months, get thee to a dentist immediately and get it dealt with while it still only needs a small filling. The longer you wait, the deeper the cavity ... and look where I ended up: spending thousands of dollars and many uncomfortable hours in dentists' chairs.


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