Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Credit Card Scam

Tiniest,  sourest crabapples in the world. Hope the deer like them this winter. 
"Ms J?"


"You have a TD Visa card, you always pay your balance off each month, and you've just received your new card in the mail, correct?"


"You are entitled to a lower interest rate, which will be applied to your new card. But not to the one you are currently using, the old one."


"So, can you tell me the expiration date on that card, please?"


"Why not?"

I'm not giving you any information.

CLICK. The bastard hangs up.

Never give these callers any information. I don't care who's calling; even if they seem legit, they aren't. As a matter of fact, I often hang up without even speaking to them. However, sometimes those scammy-sounding calls are actually calls we want, so now I listen till I'm sure ... till they ask for information of any sort.

Don't fall for it. I have friends who have, whose bank accounts got cleaned out. Don't think you can't be fooled. You may learn the hard way that these criminals are good at what they do.


  1. Damn scammers! I always get the call about my " windows " computer- sometimes I just go along with them for fun, and then I tell them I have a Mac, and to get a real honest job:)

    1. One time I led them along by "playing dumb" and then passing the phone over to my ever-so-much-smarter husband, who played dumb with incredible aplomb (I was dying from laughter, listening to it on speaker phone) until the caller finally twigged in that we were wilfully wasting his time and began to swear at my Dumb Husband. But Dumb Husband could out-name-call the poor man, and did, until the caller was giggling like a little kid who thinks swear words are hilarious. It was the best entertainment I've had in years.

  2. I have no patience to play with these types and usually just hang up. Glad that you take the time to give them the gears.

    1. I get way too many of these "bank" and "credit card" and "your Windows computer" calls to bother playing with them all, but I can sure see how they convince people they are legit, and that really scares me.


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