Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old Workhorse Out to Pasture

This dusty old machine is one of my neighbours at the new work station. One day I'll find out what it is. 
There are several hunks of hefty old printing machinery in the news building, unused. Just curiosities now.

I spent most of the day at the computer, and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Even better, I had company for a noontime walk. My companion walks as fast I do, and even so, we damn near froze. It's gotta snow any day if this cold keeps up. Frigid.

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  1. The machine is a linotype that was used to produce the raised lead type on strips of lead. the strips, layed in order they came out of the machine, would make a column and would be placed in a metal frame held into place with wooden "spacer" bars. The metal frame with all the columns intact would be placed on the press, slathered in ink and newsprint would be pressed against it to make a page.
    I used to watch the whole process when I was a kid. There is an "artisan alley" in Detroit where this type of "letterpress" is still done. Fascinating stuff!


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