Wednesday, October 2, 2013


All dressed up, and no place to go.

I went to bed early last night. Nine-thirty. That's early, and I was asnooze before the radio turned itself off an hour later. But then I was up at 4:30, too hungry to fall back asleep, so I made toast and coffee and sat reading by the light of a table lamp in the living room.

Scott's parents are going north this morning for a medical appointment, and I'm to accompany them and do some driving, I imagine. Only I thought we'd be leaving at 8:30, and was ready to go out the door for the day, only to be informed that 9:30 was more suitable. Which is fine with me. An hour to putz around is always welcome.


  1. Great picture, good luck with the appointments.

  2. Hats off to you on the waiting thing! Waiting is not my cup of tea, it leaves me cranky, and I avoid it if at all possible. Putting it to good use is commendable.

  3. Hi stubblejumper

    I saw your comment at www’s about not doing a gratitude list.
    Platitude/gratitude - I agree.

    It’s like counting your blessings: if you have to do that you must be in deep doodoo.

    But getting up at 4.30? That’s when I turn over for the first time.

    1. I don't often get up at 4:30, believe me! But I do love being up early, after the first five minutes.
      Focusing on our dissatisfactions is a foolish and addictive habit, and counting our blessings in a regular and conscious way is probably the best method of changing it. I see the wisdom of that, don't you? But my gratitude list always seems to be the same old, same old ... stuff I appreciate, but after I've made the same list for 300 nights in a row, it's not too inspiring!

  4. Is that your house? I'm up early this morning too---washed the kitchen floor, had coffee, finished the latest Peter Robinson book and just might go back for a snooze. It isn't good for the discipline, but I can't bear being in bed and awake.

    1. It's the tractor shed. Now occupied by the barn cats.
      Peter Robinson, eh? Must check him out.


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