Sunday, May 11, 2014


Boy came downtown for supper on Thursday and I, driving home, pulled over to the side of the street to take this picture of him ambling back to his hidy-hole.

* * *

I suppose someone will remind me: man.

But I am his mother. To me, he's not only man and boy — he's baby, sweet child, innocent heart-opening joy — the list goes on and on and on, as every mom knows. I have the loveliest memories of him at all ages. He was the cutest little chubbybum, with rosebud lips and big eyes. He presented me with dandelions and stuffed toys and tender caring. He was a very affectionate, softhearted, kind kid, and still is. Deep down. Heh. (I'm kidding. I see it all the time.)


  1. They grow up too fast, but will always be our little ones. Happy Mother's Day

  2. you wrote from a mother's perspective---it was lovely; I've been in daughter mode.


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