Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting There

Those first moments of waking up, some mornings, allow certain realities to become clearer than ever.

For instance, this week I accepted—finally—that my body will age and shrink as I become an old woman.

That this is inevitable if I live a long time.

That this is natural.
How it is.
And right.

I lay there, knowing it.

Have you seen this collection of photographs of four sisters?
The husband of one took a picture of the sisters together once a year for 40 years.
Here are the PHOTOS & ARTICLE.


  1. Kate, that realization wasn't an easy one for me. When it became real I wrote a poem, "Old Woman With An Attitude". I find aging an odd experience, it sneaks up on me and pounces suddenly as the process becomes more tangible.

    1. I expect I'm in for more of those moments too, Maggie.
      I've been catching on to the physical facts for several years intellectually and emotionally- grappling with them, maybe- being shocked by them- mortified by them- saddened by them - then finding them humorous- but this was something different.

  2. it is about becoming wisened while being wizened...


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