Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sing Me to Sleep

Can you believe that?
I just spent four days with my sweet sisters and didn't take the camera out of the pocket of my purse once.
They kept me too busy for that.

Karen and I got back here at noon, and tonight it is definitely winter on the streets of Wadena.
I am very tired due to a missed flight connection (Damn you, Westjet; one more reason to eschew air travel) and have just received news of the passing of a very dear family friend.

There is nothing to do for all of it but sleep.


  1. Is that a photo of your mom's friend? It's very unsettling, isn't it, to lose people who have been important in your life, but her daughter's thought of their joyful reunion must bring comfort.

    1. That is a drawing taken from a photo of my great-great grandmother, who died quite young, only in her thirties I think.


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